Top 5 Items to Consider Before buying a Water Softener

Hard water causes a lot of problems in the household. It leads to the forming of rings when washing up in sinks and leads to discoloration of bright clothes. There is also a chance that it is affecting your hair’s health and making your skin drier. These are some effects of having hard water in your home.

With at least 80 percent of American households dealing with the problem of hard water, there have been many water softening technologies getting introduced into the market. Here are the top five things you need to ensure you have considered before you buy a water softener for your home.

1. Type

There are two basic types of water softeners in the market. They are categorized based on how they function to soften your water.

• Salt based

These kinds of water softeners work by use of a scientific method known as ion exchange to make your water soft. This is an effective method that has been used over many years. This is however a method that has seen a lot of backlash as not being very Eco-friendly and causing sodium pollution.

• Salt free

These types of water softeners are often referred to as descalers and in some cases water conditioners. They work in different ways by changing the chemical structure of the water you are using. This makes the water lose the corrosive ions that make your water hard. Magnetism is used in many cases to change the water structure and this makes it less harmful to the environment compared to the salt based softeners.

2. Size

The water softeners come in different sizes so as to serve different types of households. Some people may need a small system that is easy to install and manage and others have a larger home and need a system that is better suited to serve the entire household. Ensure you are well aware of the size of the water softener that is ideal for your needs.

3. Features

Water softeners like other gadgets offer different features for their users. Different brands will add varying additions to make their product unique, that means that you as a buyer should ensure you are aware of what these features are and how they apply to you. There are two basic things you should be aware of in terms of features;

• Time control

The time controls allow you to automate the softening process for your water. The timing should be convenient to ensure the system runs when water is not in very high demand.

• Demand initiated regeneration

Instead of having to set time, some softeners function by generating softened water when you need to use it. This is another feature you should be aware of when choosing a water softener for your home.

4. Cost

This is an important factor to consider as well because there are many options in today’s market. Ensure you choose something that serves you well with your budget and also serves its purpose effectively in the long run. Cost is about more than just the buying price. It is also about the quality of the item and the cost of running it effectively in the long run.

5. Seller

There is also great need to ensure that you are aware of who your seller is. A seasoned seller is more likely to be a better fit because you will be able to come in for repairs and you can’t worry about your warranty. A newer seller is more likely to go out of business and this might mean that you are vulnerable to loosing contact for future references.

These are some of the most important take aways that you need to get you started on your water softener search. There are many factors that you can consider and this means that you need to do your due diligence to ensure you are well aware of what you need to do.

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