5 Common Health Issues Caused by Drinking Hard Water

Water is essential for everything; from drinking to food preparation, sanitation all requires water. Pure water keeps you healthy and wealthy. It is employed hugely in beverages and food industry. As water consumption has increased it has lead to insufficiency which has directed to different sources (rainwater harvest, recycling, desalinated water, etc).

Hard water creates household troubles including deteriorating appliances, spots on utensils, tiles but majorly impacts health. It has negative consequences on hair and skin too. This editorial will enlighten the dark side of hard water on the human body. Well, you can also read reviews on www.watersoftener-review.com of good water softeners so that you acquire best depending on hard water conditions of your region.

Hair Fall:

Hair fall can be due to many reasons like vitamin deficiency, any disease and also hard water. Hair loss is due to calcium, magnesium, and silica makes hairs brittle causing hair thinning. Regular usage destroys hair follicles exemplifying dandruff. Save your hair strands by using soft water either boil water and use for hair wash or install a water softening system. This is the only permanent way to eliminate all problems.

Skin Issues:

Hard water is the major cause of skin problems like skin irritation, dryness, and bumps leading Eczema. If you are suffering from the same stop using hard water immediately and switch to soft water. Hard water has harsh minerals that wash the natural oils of the skin. To get rid of calcium and magnesium from water install a water softener at home.

Digestive Problems:

Many scientists say that minerals in hard water are good for the digestive system. These minerals (Ca and Mg) act as a natural laxative but there is no evidence that proves so. If the concentrated mineral is taken regularly it causes abdominal cramping, loose motions, bloating and hyper magnesium issues, etc. It depends on a healthy gut if your digestion system is healthy it will flush out excess minerals if remain in the body it will cause problems later as mentioned.

Reproductive Health and Infertility:

Nowadays many male and female are suffering from infertility issues. However, it is mainly due to lifestyle and chemical based food that people are eating. Still, a few reports conclude that male fertility is highly affected by hard water. Constituent such as (Ca, Mg and Fluoride) shows stillbirth and sterility in men. Although no specific evidence is present to prove these studies. But fluoride inspection confirms that overexposure within a period turns down reproductive health.

Kidney Stone:

Drinking insufficient water, hard water or unfiltered water leads to kidney stones. There are many factors responsible for kidney stones but the correlation of hard water is evident as minerals stay in the kidney for a long time that accumulates. Hence doctors advise consuming filtered and pure water for overall health.


There are many complaints registered by residents in which hair fall, skin dryness, brittle nails and white stains on appliances are a prominent one. If you are also dealing with hard water issues we suggest you buy a water softener to save your family. Drinking pure water can help you live long and fit life.

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